Power dynamics. In retail, the slogan is "the customer is always right". That means, you do everything to make the customer happy so you can make the sale. These girls, who are constantly told that they have to appease every customer, no matter what is asked, feel out of control and without power already, as a retail… » 9/02/14 5:14pm 9/02/14 5:14pm

Maybe because every time it's discussed, all people hear is how horrible of a religion Islam is and how misogynistic the religion itself is. Which is ridiculous, because every religion has it's misogynists and misogynistic interpretation of their scriptures. There's been a lot of coverage about Muslim women who try to… » 5/18/14 12:23pm 5/18/14 12:23pm

I have, and he has with me too. But only when we were still in the "friends" stage, not while we were dating. And to be honest, it didn't matter to me that my number was technically zero and his was three, nor did it matter to him. He's told me flat out that he thinks that men who feel insecure when their partners… » 4/06/14 3:05am 4/06/14 3:05am

For me, it was 21 Jump Street - the movie. He only had a cameo, but oh my God, I lost all respect for him as an actor. I know he didn't really like being on 21 Jump Street, but surely he knew they had older fans who went to see the movie and would have objected to the movie's characterization of Tom Hanson? It was… » 4/06/14 2:50am 4/06/14 2:50am